how to make friends

A friend is a valuable person with whom we have a lot. A friend is someone with whom we have a long-term relationship, whom we trust and we can talk about everything. We confide in our friends secrets, we tell them about our fears and dilemmas, we share sad and joyful moments with them. How to get friends?

Why is it worth having friends?

Having trusted friends is the best life capital. They will listen and support in difficult moments, congratulate honestly when success hits, borrow a few zlotys for rolls before paying out, help you find a job, look after your children so that you can finally go to the cinema, take care of your pets when there is a longer business trip.

How to make friends?

Listen to people

Listen to people not only when they speak directly to you. Show interest in what they have to say in general, what they write on social media, what they think and feel.

Be honest

Honesty is not painful! The relationship between friends is based on honesty. And this means that they can honestly express their opinions and beliefs in situations when they expect it from themselves. But remember to always present your position in a gentle, non-claiming right to the only truth.

making friends

Keep discussions on safe topics at least until you know your interlocutor well. Do not immediately jump to share views on political or religious themes. Do not mention e.g. animal mourning. The time will come later, after the bond has been strengthened.

Be an advisor

Listen and advise when needed! If someone tells you that he is outrageous, he is overworked with tedious work, he is annoyed by his family or he is frustrated by poor finances, do not answer: “Old nobody is easy in life!” He will feel ignored and unimportant to you.

Show empathy

Try to empathize with his problem, listen to his story, and if in some respects you can reasonably handle it, don’t hesitate. Everyone sometimes needs a bit of acceptance and friendly commentary.

Don’t force looking for friends

Remember not to look for new friends by force, do not be intrusive in your contacts, do not provoke or flirt with men: they will take it as a flirt test! Don’t torment other women for shopping or walking together unless apparently they don’t feel like it. Finding friends or even new friends by force is never a good idea, ties are born spontaneously.

Look for friends online

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet. If you’re a shy person, take advantage of the power of the internet. There you can also meet interesting and valuable people … if you know where to look. Browse thematic forums, talk about a few friends of your friends, comment nice to someone’s photo, maybe he will leave after your equally nice comment. Activate your city profile, maybe you can gather a group of people for a walk, rollerskates, bicycles or to the cinema. You can arrange 3-4 people at least for coffee, later the meeting can move to a club or meet with some of you to watch movies together.


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