Runny nose is a common and troublesome ailment affecting people of all ages. Folk wisdom says that a runny nose is treated for a week and untreated for seven days, as each of us probably learned. Runny nose is the most common symptom of viral infections that will show up with reduced immunity. Drugs used in this ailment are preparations that alleviate symptoms, e.g. nasal drops. How to stop a runny nose?

Runny nose – symptoms

Viral rhinitis is characterized by leakage of watery-mucous secretions, whereas bacterial rhinitis – mucous-purulent. Other local disease symptoms are similar: both the first and second manifest themselves with a stuffy nose, swelling of the nasal turbinates, scratching in the throat. Both types of runny nose may be accompanied by a cough, headache, general breakdown.

Runny nose or rhinitis is easy to catch, but it is difficult to get rid of it. All you need is the pressure of your hand and the proximity of a sneezing person on a bus or tram.  From the point of view of the tormented victim, it does not matter, but science distinguishes three basic types of runny nose: viral, bacterial, allergic. And while we generally disregard the classic runny nose, comforting with the old saying “a runny nose lasts one week, untreated seven days,” it can cause serious complications, such as inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or bronchitis.

runny nose treatment

With allergic rhinitis, caused by allergic factors (allergens), most often inhaled, causing an inflammatory reaction in the mucosa, in addition to a feeling of stuffy nose, watery leakage, are also joined by nasal itching, sneezing and watery eyes.

Home methods for a runny nose

  • Runny nose is an ailment as old as humanity, and that’s why folk medicine, through various methods, has been effective to this day, tried to help the sick. But they are all the fastest in the initial stages of the ailment, because they support the immune system.
  • When you start catching a runny nose, before going to bed it is worth inhaling from chamomile, which is mild anti-inflammatory or bactericidal septosan with the addition of mint (astringent on blood vessels) or oils, e.g. eucalyptus, pine or tea tree.
  • It is worth rubbing your chest with camphor oil and drinking warming tea from linden, elderberry or hot milk with honey, butter and garlic. All of these treatments are designed to increase body temperature, which is deadly to some harmful microorganisms. At elevated body temperature, the cells of the immune system, i.e. leukocytes and macrophages, are livelier and attack the enemy faster.
  • Nasal patency also restores inhalation of bactericidal horseradish or garlic.
  • Also use nasal sprays and saline. They bring quick relief in case of stuffy nose. The effect appears soon after application and provides relief for a long time. In turn, saline can help cleanse and moisturize the nose. After all, with a clean nose, you can sleep better and recover quickly.



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