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About Kix Band

Kix Band is the one-stop hub for those seeking information about Chicago-based bands and their upcoming concerts. This is one of the best places for those who are looking to obtain quality information that’s vetted and proven to be in touch with the local music scene.

The team has put together a compelling set of standards ensuring everything is factual and worth reading for its readers.Those who are looking to get a better perspective of what’s taking place in Chicago when it comes to music will know Kix Band is the place to be. It is going to provide world-class information all in one place for readers to sift through and make the most of. Take your time as a reader to enjoy this information and revel in Chicago’s illustrious music scene.

It doesn’t matter where the news has come out; Kix Band will have it for you.

This is a personal blog by Thomas Blockul that is going to provide ample value around the clock for those who want to know about all of the key bands in Chicago. Visit me on https://twitter.com/ThomasBlockul as well.

The vision behind this blog is to take the next step in covering music in Chicago and making sure readers get full value for their time.