Chicago has a very active band scene and it can be difficult to get noticed due to the existing competition. Other bands might have been around for longer and had a larger following than yours. You can get noticed online, get more fans and book more gigs for your Chicago band thanks to search engine optimization. The following tips were recommended by Chicago SEO company will help you develop a stronger online presence so that fans and venue owners can discover your music and your band more easily.

Create A Quality Website

You need an official website for your band. If you don’t already have one, it is time to create one. Your official website should tell fans more about your band and your music. Share music and links to buy merchandise on your site and make sure you update it regularly with information about performances or new releases. A quality website will help you rank higher in search engine optimization as long as visitors can easily find the information they need. Make sure your site works correctly with different browsers and optimize it for mobile users.

Optimize Your Band Website

You can make your official website easier to find by optimizing it. Start by building a clear link structure that helps visitors find the information they need. Don’t hesitate to add more pages to your site since it is best to have a unique page for each section or topic of your site. Optimizing your site also means that you should be using strong keywords to describe your content. Add these keywords naturally in your content but make sure they also appear in your URLs, titles, and links. Your band name should be one of your main keywords, but you should also use keywords that refer to live music and the fact that you are a local Chicago band. You also need to use keywords that describe the genre of music you play and should include any other keywords that are relevant to what your band does.

Get Traffic From External Sites

Search engines will rank your site higher in search results if you get a lot of organic traffic. You can generate organic traffic by targeting the right keywords and by sharing links to your band website on external sites. This is why you need to develop a strong presence on social media and use sites where you can share your music such as YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud. These sites will help you build your audience, increase awareness for your music and bring more traffic to your official site. Post updates about upcoming local events on your social media pages since these posts could be displayed in search results for Internet users who look for events in the Chicago area.

Get Back-Links From Local Sites

Quality backlinks will help your band website rank higher in search results. A back-link is an URL that will bring Internet users from an external site to one of your web pages. Back-links will increase your ranking in search engines and will bring you more traffic as long as they are published on quality websites. You should try getting the official sites of the venues where you perform or the sites of the events you take part into a link to your band website. Getting back-links from influential bloggers in the Chicago area is also a good strategy as long as these blogs mostly focus on the music scene. You should also try to get backlinks from local news sources or other band websites.

Be Active

A site that is frequently updated will be more likely to rank higher in search results. Post updates to your band website on a regular basis to let visitors know about upcoming live performances and other important news. You should also post on YouTube and social media on a regular basis since this content can end up ranking high in search results and will bring you more traffic. Being active on social media will also help you connect with more fans and help more people discover your band as your fans share your content.

Search engine optimization can make your band easier to find and result in a larger following and more booking. Try spending at least a few hours of your time each week to develop your online presence and apply these strategies to increase your ranking in search results!


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