how to lose arm fat

There are many reasons for the accumulation of fat around the arms. These include poor diet, too much refined sugar, no exercise, as well as changes in hormone levels and aging. How to get rid of it? How to lose arm fat easily, without a lot of effort? Read our article. 

Why do we forget about arm fat?

Almost every woman attaches particular importance to her appearance. He dreams of a healthy, slim and athletic figure, devoting most of his time to sculpting the buttocks, thighs and stomach. Very often, forgetting about other parts of the body – e.g. arms, which it covers with clothes. Neglect and lack of training of the triceps muscles of the arms, very often leads to their atrophy and storage of fat in this place, which appears to be the effect of sagging, flabby, hanging skin. 

Unfortunately, this place is also susceptible to cellulite. 

Women are afraid to fight for the good appearance of this part of the body, because there is a perception that exercises with weights will cause that the arms will become massive and lose delicate, feminine shapes. Nothing could be more wrong! A woman’s body does not produce such a large amount of natural testosterone that after such exercises, the figure and its individual parts acquire a massive appearance. So instead of cycling for hours, running or exercising on an epileptic machine in the hope that the accumulated fat on your shoulders disappears – you need to grab the weights!

losing arm fat

How to lose arm fat

Targeted exercises

To keep your arms in check and get rid of excess fat, you need a specific exercise regimen. There are two basic upper arm muscles – triceps and biceps – so be sure to train regularly. The ideal exercise for triceps is bench press “French” barbells or dumbbells in a sitting position. This exercise involves all three muscle heads, with particular reference to the long head. They can be performed in a standing or sitting position. During exercise, the elbows should be fixed and held as close to the head as possible. We practice at full range of motion, from full extension of arms to full bend at the elbows. However, be careful not to lose control over the barbell or dumbbells, as lowering them free can overload your elbows and lead to painful injuries. What except weights?

One of the best exercises that eliminate fat from your arms is swimming. Swimming engages the whole body and helps strengthen the spine, legs and arms, due to their constant activity during this sport.


Healthy food is not enough – you also need to eat food that burns fat and helps your body use energy more efficiently, without storing excess fat in your arms. Add foods such as avocados, green tea, and dark chocolate to your diet. These are products that accelerate metabolism.

Hydration of the body

Hydration, i.e. maintaining an adequate level of hydration, is the key to every process in our body, including communication with muscles, which allows you to train harder and burn more fat.



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