To the majority of individuals, the idea of being a musician seems a fascinating and somewhat romantic idea. The idea of being a musician is often associated with celebrity status, screaming fans, world tours, and a fat pay check. Unfortunately, not all musicians enjoy those perks, and there are many disadvantages to being a musician or in a band. Of course, this should not deter you from pursuing a career in music as there are numerous benefits as well. This article will point out the different advantages of being in a band.

  1. Music Is Soul Fulfilling

“Music is my life” – it is a common quote spewed forth when a musician or want-to-be musician is asked why they enjoy a career in music. Many people may find it quite cliché, but the truth is that music is the core of most people’s being. By being in a band, you will connect with that element and will find it an emotional release similar to no other form of therapy.

Playing music is a means of transporting yourself to another world placing your heart and mind in an area you did not know existed. Sure, this sounds like you are on drugs or something and yes playing music can be similar to the ‘high’; however, it is not life-threatening and does not result in any physical problems.

  1. Connecting With Your Audience

In addition to connecting with your soul, when playing a gig with your band, you will connect with an audience. The feeling of a connection with the audience is as enthralling as watching Luke Cage for the first time – speaking as a Marvel fan. Having people cheer you on while you perform songs you love amazing and it prompts you to go beyond any limitations you may have placed on yourself. A receptive audience is a drug without the horrible side-effects.

  1. Meeting New People

As a musician, you will meet new people on a regular basis ranging from band mates and promoters to people in the audience. During the early days, and possibly as an experienced band, you will have the opportunity to speak with people from diverse backgrounds when on tour or gigging in new areas. Music can unite people of all backgrounds and friends can be made in all locations of all ethnicities.

  1. Learning Business Skills

Being part of a band requires involves more than just playing music, it requires administrative work to promote the band and prompt a career. As a band member, you will be required to deal with venue promoters, booking agents, and other bands when organizing gigs. You will need to do research into events around the area and discuss logistics with venue managers when heading to new venues. A band is more than a music group; it is a company that requires management for success.

  1. Learning Marketing Skills

Marketing skills are important to promote the band and gain popularity in the music scene. You will be required to develop a band logo, promote the logo on different websites and in venues, promote your band via word-of-mouth, and spread the word about your music. Successful marketing can be difficult, but it can also be fun and will result in gigs if you keep at it. Learning marketing skills is beneficial as it can help you in later life to promote businesses.

  1. Sex Appeal

Needless to say, musicians have sex appeal. While this may not be one of the best reasons to become a musician, the increased sex appeal can be a benefit if you are trying to attract the opposite sex. Think about it; Mick Jagger is not the most attractive person; however, he has enough appeal to being the lead vocalist of The Rolling Stones to have married model Jerry Hall and inspired a song with “moves like Jagger.”


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